1. Photographs!
Online images are extremely important; they are visually engaging and far more effective than words alone. A photograph or promotional image can explain an idea at a glance to a person of any age that speaks any language. Photographing business products will prompt your audience’s imagination. It’s an extremely effective advertising tool which directly connects with customers. We highly recommend regular new image content to keep the appeal strong and ultimately entice your customers.

2. Ask Questions!
Social media is all about engaging with your customers, so ask questions! Find out what their opinion is. It’s a very effective means of market research. Perhaps customers love your product and have a great idea that would help your business to grow. You’ll never find out unless you ask. It also allows your customers to feel involved with the business, which helps create relationships. Remember ask questions about anything. It doesn’t have to be about the business.

3. Statistics
Facebook insights tell you exactly how many people your post has reached. This shows how effective your posts are by how many people engage with it. It gives an idea of the behaviour you should adopt when posting: peak-times, content, pictures. Insights are free, use them!

Facebook is a fairly informal marketing tool. It’s a friendly online community so the tone used when creating posts should reflect that. Chatty and engaging not overloaded with serious facts and statistics. People want to see the business personality so let that come out in your profile page.

5. Content
Use varied content. It does’t always have to be about the business. Perhaps it’s a bank holiday or a national news story has come up. Talk about it on Facebook. This way you’re engaging with customers and enforcing brand awareness without even trying. If it’s relevant to you, it’s probably relevant to lots of your Facebook fans. Relevant, engaging and new content is the best way to utilise your Facebook business page.